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A community of people interested in healthy lifestyles and improving their physical and mental well-being. The FOURCE App will be a positive environment with users supporting, motivating, and challenging each other to get better every day.


Create your own content to share your knowledge and experiences with the community. Build your own workouts from our library of exercises or from content you’ve seen through the app.


Answer any question and check any “fact” through our Verified Search Engine. Instead of multiple articles with conflicting information, get the sole truth.


Order your supplements, fitness gear, and other trending items directly from the app.


The Company Name “FOURCE” has multiple meanings.

  • Fitness + Source: The app will be the sole source of truth for fitness knowledge, research, and workouts.

  • Force = mass x acceleration: Our community (mass) is armed with knowledge (acceleration) which makes Users an unstoppable force as they move towards their health goals.

  • Our 4 Value Pillars: Mastery, Collaboration, Integrity, Autonomy.

  • The FOURCE: Our community of leaders, dreamers, go-getters. Our family of users who enFOURCE one another with support.


Gather a worldwide community of health enthusiasts and provide verified wellness information and resources which will empower the world to live a healthier lifestyle.



Marcellus Holley (@bodybycellus) is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves through everyday improvement. His business background of generating revenue and recruiting top talent, coupled with his passion for health & fitness has led him to creating this solution to a global health issue. His vision is for every human to have access to accurate health information and a community who motivate and support each other. Marcellus is a former; collegiate basketball Captain and Champion, Fortune 100 President's Club Sales Award Winner, and Sales Leader for multiple tech start-ups. Work-ethic, accountability, passion, and innovation are his core principles which he instills in every endeavor.

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